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Apéro Concert

Thé apéro concert this year was on Sunday 23rd August and the weather that day was warm and South of France fabulous and this set the scene for what turned out to be a really wonderful evening.   150 people came to spend the evening drinking the wines supplied by our hosts, Clos Rocailleux, eating the food prepared and served by Gift and dancing to the live music played by London Calling.  A truly enjoyable evening.


The evening was organised to to entertain our loyal Gift supporters and also to raise funds for our 3 charities, SPA, Restos duCoeur and IUCT Oncopole.  We are delighted with the outcome of the evening in terms of funds raised, contributing over 1500 euros to our total.  In the region of 50% increase on the total raised last year.  Not bad eh!

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